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PUNK #17

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It was the summer of 1979. Things were pretty much the same as they were a few months before (refer to the description for Punk #16). Punk rock was alive and fairly well (despite the media take on its having died with the Sex Pistols). Punk Magazine seemed to be doing OK too. It looked like we were back on a semi-regular publishing schedule with this issue. We even got a record company ad: RCA had bought the back cover for Robert Gordon. That was it, though; the rest of the ads were small-time stuff... not enough to pay for our growing subscriber list or the rising rent on the office. Financial burdens loomed. So, little did we know it at the time, but #17 was our swan song -- or at least the last official issue of Punk Magazine to come out for the next 22 years or so.

The cover story was on The Clash, who had just played in New York for the first time. John Holmstrom and Jolly, who had taken over as Resident Punk from Legs McNeil, did a very good, very non-reverent interview with them. (I did the cover for this issue shortly before that concert. After I saw them I wished I had shown them as kids playing army instead.)

Some other features are a real interview with boxer Chuck Wepner ("The Bayonne Bleeder"), a fake interview with the Rolling Stones, a real interview with David Johansen, a photo spread of Destroy All Monsters with a gatefold of lead singer Niagara, Legs McNeil's interview of proto-punk Alice Cooper, Punk's red-hot playmate of the month Leonid Brezhnev (we thought it was time to include some political commentary), and cartoons by Holmstrom, me, Amelia Faulkner, Ken Avidor (known at the time as Ken Weiner), and others.

Now for condition: as with all the Punks sold here, this one came from my personal collection. It was schlepped in its virginal state from one Punk office to another, through various NYC apartments, to my mom's basement in Kansas, and now to my very own basement. In other words, it's mint. No wear at all. And it can be sent to you in exactly this state for only a nominal kickback.

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