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go to Quotes Some might say, and I quote: "Who needs more quotes?" But nowhere else will you find Bertrand Russell, Big Daddy Roth, King Farouk, Animal Mother, Genghis Khan, Homer Tlacáelel, God, etc. side by side.
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go to Inadvertent Poetry ...found verse, from menus, song titles, X-rated video titles, human names, motorcycle names, Harold Robbins, The New York Post, Lewis & Clark, etc.
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go to Facts ...ma'am. Indisputable (f)acts.
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go to Links It's a wwweird, wwwhimsical, and sometimes wwwicked wwworld out there. Wwweisenheimers these folks may be, but they certainly aren't wwwishywwwashy.
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go to Artifacts I have combed my archives in an attempt to put the "art" back in "ifacts."
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