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PUNK #16

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At the time Punk #16 came out, punk rock (in the context of this discussion) was going on four years old -- in "punk years" that's approaching middle age. The Media had decreed that the Sex Pistols were punk rock, and since the Pistols had broken up, they felt comfortable (and clearly relieved) in pronouncing punk dead. It's true that the scene in NYC was beginning to feel a little tired... and (like so many of us approaching middle age) a little bitter about not being afforded due recognition. But there was life in the old bones yet. The stalwarts were still putting out -- Blondie even went to number one in February with "Heart of Glass" (okay, they had to "go disco" to do it... in the words of Lester Bangs, these were mutant times). And good new bands appeared from time to time. So Punk Magazine, like the monster in an action move, kept popping up from the dead to cover them.

Punk #16 starts off with a cover by John Holmstrom, Ken Avidor nee Weiner and me. Don't look for too much meaning there... we were just sitting around Ken's kitchen drawing and this is what came out. There's a club review (CBGBs is blasted... I guess we weren't getting free drinks anymore), bizarre sketches by a guy named Tom Evans, a fumetti of Shrapnel (Legs McNeil's attempt at impresariohood), an interview with aspiring rock star Bob Geldoff, an interview with recently deceased Sid Vicious and Nancy Spungen (the former barely cold in the grave as #16 went to press -- thus the black background), "Disco Maniac" (a cartoon jam by Weiner, Holmstrom and me, from the same kitchen), and our very first review of Kraft Macaroni & Cheese Dinners (by Punk's official Macaroni & Cheese Editor, Bruce Carleton).

Now for condition: as with all the Punks sold here, this one came from my personal collection. It was schlepped in its virginal state from one Punk office to another, through various NYC apartments, to my mom's basement in Kansas, and now to my very own basement. In other words, it's mint. No wear at all. And it can be sent to you in exactly this state for only a nominal kickback.

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