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PUNK #00

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Some say that punk died in 1979. The scene in NYC had grown a bit stale, and was completely overshadowed in the public eye by our aberrant offspring, the British punks. Then the Sex Pistols broke up, Sid killed Nancy, Sid ODed, Blondie went disco, etc. And to top it off, that year saw the "last" issue of Punk Magazine (#17). But somehow neither punk nor Punk died in '79. The music continued in various mutations, not having to suffer the burden of being formerly popular. And Punk Magazine, as it turns out, wasn't dead, just lying dormant. In January of 2001, John Holmstrom resurrected Punk for its 25th anniversary issue, optimistically (or not?) labeling it Punk Magazine #0 (taking a page from Pol Pot?). He also started, where you can go for history (what really happened at the Punk Awards Ceremony?), current events (the city of New York officially named a street after Joey Ramone -- can you believe it?), art, sociology, etc. (sorry, no math or science).

What you'll find in #0: The General interviews pro wrestler Sabu; Legs McNeil asks the video question "What's Your Favorite Line from the Simpsons?"; Richard Hell muses about a trip to Japan in "Mouth of Hell"; Andy Shernoff is "The Punk Sommelier"; Legs interviews the sickos of The Brady Bunch; John revives the cartoon interview in a session with Jimmy of Murphy's Law; Roberta Bayley has four of her best pictures done up nice in full-page full-color splendor (vintage shots of Richard Hell, Deborah Harry, Johnny Thunders and a gatefold spread of The Damned); Lefty Gomez interviews Niagara and gets her to show you her art; Mary Harron interviews William Gibson; the inscrutable Nemo 19 presents "Grave-Robbers from Kissmyass" (once you've experienced this you won't want to meet the first 18 of 'em); Chris Fields interviews Machinegun; I bring yu up to date on Kraft Macaroni & Cheese; there are cartoons, illustrations and humor by Justin Hampton, Fly 2K, Danny Hellman, Robert Romagnoli, Ken Avidor, Steve Taylor and me; and more (not much more... reviews, The Top 99, and a few... too few... ads).

As you would expect, the condition is mint. Not only is it only a couple of years old, but #0 never had to do time as a substitute coffee table, never had to make a fast exit from an office with where back rent was owed, and never had to sit in my mom's basement for decades. It got FedExed straight from NYC to me. Now it can continue its journey to its manifest destination: your sweaty hands!

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