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STOP! #1
Detective Noodles Stop! 1 thumbnailAs with Butnik & Periwinkle and Idols of Food Rock (see Comical Funnies #1) Detective Noodles was the offspring of John Holmstrom, Patricia Ragan and me during the final bunker days of Punk Magazine's last ditch. This is one of the unrequited roughs from that time that I prettied up for Stop! There's another Detective Noodles installment in Stop! #3. [Click the thumbnail.]
Stuporbowl thumbnailWe had been gathering at The Earls' for Superbowl Sunday for several years when John Holmstrom did this story on the event for Stop! The illustrations for the piece were the collaborative efforts of Doug, Paul, Judy, Leslie and me from one of the early events. As I understand it, Stuporbowl Sunday continued for many years and may still be an Earl thing to this day. (2 pages) [Click the thumbnail.]
Von Lmo thumbnailI originally did this interview for Punk Magazine in 1978, but the issue it was supposed to come out in was confiscated by an unimbursed printer. It eventually got run here in Stop! I know it's a bit hard to read, but even if you could read it clearly, it still wouldn't make any sense. (3 pages) [Click the thumbnail.]
Trash & Vaudeville Stop! 1 thumbnailTrash & Vaudeville is a store in the East Village that helped subsidize Stop! by buying the back cover for every issue. See the Trash & Vaudeville section for more on these. [Click the thumbnail.]
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