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Butnik & Periwinkle thumbnailButnik & Periwinkle (2 pages) - This is one of a bunch of strips Holmstrom, Patricia Ragan and I did up in the gloomy days between the time Punk Magazine went into a coma and the final eviction notice on the storefront we were operating out of. These characters were Holmstrom creations. He would generally conceive the plot and hand a sketch to me and Patricia Ragan. We fleshed out the storyline and added gags, and then I drew up a more complete rough. This was then sent out for a rejection notice from Playboy, High Times or some other such entity. Later, John said "Put 'em in Comical Funnies!" I said "They're roughs!" He said "So what?!"
Flash! thumbnailThe Earls (Doug Smith & Paul Kuhrman) and me found some inspiration for this one from a TV commercial.
Idols of Food Rock thumbnailIdols of Food Rock was one of the febrile emissions from the dying Punk storefront. We actually hoped to sell this one to a comics syndicate. (You might chuckle at our naivete except for the fact that we're still trying.) The two panels that are presented here (designated Parts 3 and 4, which implies that Parts 1 and 2 exist somewhere, which might be true) were pencil roughs that were hastily inked (like B&P above) for inclusion in Comical Funnies.
Centerspread thumbnailI always liked the drawings in my notebooks better than anything else I was doing. This centerspread in Comical Funnies was the first time I put any of it in print. About two thirds of what showed up here was later incorporated into Fun Is Sick.
Comical Funnies went thataway.
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