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Issue #2 came out in January of '76 just when the term "punk rock" was first being applied to the musical style brewing at CBGB and Max's, thanks to an article in The Village Voice by James Wolcott in which he plugged Punk #1 and noted how it was an apt way of describing this new phenomenon. I was just back in NYC after an Xmas visit to Mom and thus was introduced to the rag (#1 came out while I was away).

The cover story of Punk #2 is an interview with Patti Smith and Lenny Kaye. There's an introduction to The Talking Heads by Mary Harron, a story on The Marbles (who? well, at least they got to have their picture taken with Debby Harry), an interview with Tom Verlaine and Richard Lloyd of Television, and pieces of cartooning, parody and humor by John Holmstrom, Robert Romannoli and others.

The condition of this item is truly mint. It is in better shape than many of the copies that were sold new at the time. Other than some slight yellowing in places, the only thing that has changed over the years is that it has lost the smell of offset ink. In fact, if you open this up and read it, you will be the first one -- it's a virgin copy, never having been sold before. We often shipped copies in worse shape than this one (there wasn't enough furniture in the office, so stacks of issues waiting to go out often doubled as chairs or coffee tables). This copy is part of my personal collection. It has made its way practically untouched by human hands from the Punk office, through various NYC apartments, to my mom's basement in Kansas. And now it's available to you for a mere pittance.

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