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This is issue #1, the premiere of Punk Magazine. It came out in January of 1976, when punk rock wasn't even called "punk rock" yet. In fact, the first time I remember seeing that appelation used in reference to the New York City music scene was in an article in The Village Voice by James Wolcott in which he plugged Punk #1 and noted how it was an apt way of describing the musical style that was brewing at CBGB and Max's Kansas City. So, Punk not only helped spark the sound, it gave it a name.

The cover story of Punk #1 is John Holmstrom's ground-breaking cartoon interview with Lou Reed. If you like either cartoons or Lou Reed, you really ought to see this coition of the two. There's a paean to Marlon Brando, "The Original Punk," a center spread dedicated to some kids calling themselves The Ramones, a postive review of Lou Reed's "Metal Machne Music" (a rarity in itself!), Legs McNeil's interview with Sluggo, Holmstrom comics, and more.

The condition of this item is amazing, considering what an ancient artifact it is. The paper has barely yellowed (I could probably get away with saying it hasn't yellowed at all), and there are no tears or worn spots, even at the folds. Hey, we often shipped copies in worse shape than this one (there wasn't enough furniture in the office, so stacks of issues waiting to go out often doubled as chairs or coffee tables). In fact, the condition can truly be described as mint, seeing as how this magazine was never sold. This copy, part of my own collection, has made its way practically untouched by human hands from the Punk office, through various NYC apartments, to my mom's basement in Kansas, and now to my very own basement, from which it can be resurrected upon your command.

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