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STOP! #7
Stop #7 spot illustrations 1 thumbnailAt the top is one of the drawings that was considered unexhibitionworthy by certain dickweeds at that London museum whose name escapes me, back in, let's say '82 or so. The bottom one is a tribute to muscial geniuses Slim Whitman and Mitch Miller, and their relationship to the concept of selling one's art. (Actually, the juxtaposition had more to do with the concept of "cut" to "paste.") [Click the thumbnail.]
Stop #7 spot illustrations 1 thumbnailStop! was in the forefront of dessiminating the latest high-tech medical news to the public, as is evidenced by the article on strokes (no relation to the latter-day punk band). In the other drawing, a dapper gent and his exotic lady friend sit on my bed at 184 Forsyth St. (before the junkies busted a hole in the wall). [Click the thumbnail.]
Stop! #7 back cover thumbnailTrash & Vaudeville is a store in the East Village that helped subsidize Stop! by buying the back cover for every issue. See the Trash & Vaudeville section for more on these. [Click the thumbnail.]
Stop! #7 Playboy review thumbnailWhen Playboy Magazine noticed Stop! long about issue #7, I was happy they chose my drawing to represent it in the little review they ran in the back of the magazine. Ironically, they chose one of the Detective Noodles cartoons they had rejected a few years earlier. The review is reproduced here. [Click the thumbnail.]
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