Bruce Carleton, mandarin, points the way.
STOP! #6
S. Clay Wilson Interview thumbnailIn the fall of '80something Stop! staffers Dale Ashmun, Ken Avidor, J.D. King and me interviewed the greatest comix artiste to come out of the 60s underground, S. Clay Wilson. [Click the thumbnail.]
Baby Doll Lounge follow-up Editoon Cartorial thumbnailAll golden eras come to an end -- usually one involving violence. This Editoon Cartorial told the story of one such epoch delineating event: The Twilight of The Baby Doll Lounge. To familiarize yourself with the lead-up to this moment, go to The Baby Doll Lounge tribute in Stop! #4. [Click the thumbnail.]
Stop #6 spot illustrations thumbnailAs if losing the ideal hangout weren't enough, at the same time we were faced with the death of Jack Webb. My illustration to his obituary is shown here, along with a drawing that had nothing to do with anything in particular. [Click the thumbnail.]
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