Bruce Carleton, mandarin, points the way.
STOP! #4
Baby Doll Lounge thumbnailIn The Baby Doll Lounge I thought I had found the perfect hangout. It was a small, kind of homey strip club in Lower Manhattan. It was our spot for a while. For the inevitable upshot, however, go to Editoon Cartorial in Stop! #6. (3 pages) [Click the thumbnail.]
Stop! Back Issues Ad thumbnailThis house ad might not have sold many back issues, but it clearly had a profound effect on the hairstyles of a generation. [Click the thumbnail.]
Ernie Bushmiller / Nancy obituary thumbnailWhen Ernie Bushmiller--the creator of the comic strip Nancy--died, Carlson Smith overcame his grief long enough to write this moving obituary. (NOTE: I had nothing to do with this except for laying it out, but I thought it deserved airing.) [Click the thumbnail.]
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