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Screw Magazine Review
Fun Is Sick Screw Magazine reviewCarleton's Life A Mistake
(from Screw Magazine, circa mid-1982)

Do not attempt to adjust your newspaper. There is nothing wrong with your vision. We are just reviewing Volume One of Life Termed a Mistake: Carleton, titled "Fun Is Sick" ($9.50 for a first edition from Chong-Donnie press, 487 Broadway, New York, N.Y. 10013).

He was an infant boy, but his parents gave him a pen to play with! When they saw what he did with it, they took it away and gave him an Ex-Acto knife! Mondo Illo! Fun? Sick? Boy, is it ever! What else do you think would move biochemical accidents like R. Crumb to say "I like Bruce Carleton's sketchbook stuff a lot. I must send for one."

They came for the art, but they stayed for the copy! Art director writes himself in and out of corners! Director? Damn hear killed her! Prose that comes on like solo slam dancing! Sex! Desire! Desex! Hmmmmm, seems to have a thing about sharp objects. Ambience phallique. Good thing he's on our side. Or is it? Or is he?

We now return control of your newspaper to you.

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