Bruce Carleton, mandarin, points the way.
3 Stooges of Death thumbnailIn The Three Stooges of Death "We reveal the secret martial arts technique which has made them repected dealers-of-death: Kurli-Mo-Lari!" Aspects of the System of Offensive Defense analyzed here are "The Golden Phooey," "The Two-Fingered Cat in Heat," "The Deadly Nose Lotus," "Gumbah, the Fearsom Plier," "The Hypnotic Woo-Woo," "The Lethal Art of Sleeping," and "Pies... the Kiss of Death."
Pin Up thumbnailThe Comical Funnies Pin Up centerfold dared to reveal a side of feminine allurement none of the so-called men's magazines had the guts to show (except for Cavalier, Gent, Dude, Rogue, Escapade, Caper, Jaguar, Scamp, Bachelor, Revels, and some of the other ones that couldn't afford to pay their models much).
Fear without Guilt thumbnailFear without Guilt and the two items that follow below are my stabs at the "strip" format. Despite the obvious influence here of Mary Worth, non of the syndicates took the slightest notice.
I'm a Little Toad thumbnailI'm a Little Toad was an attempt to offer some scientific information in an entertaining manner in hopes that it would provide educational benefits to the youngsters who read Comical Funnies.
It Was Murder! thumbnailOn a more serious note, It Was Murder! fearlessly delves into the dark connection Nazism, kinky sex and The Bible.
Comical Funnies went thataway.
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