Naming Names (All of them are real people.)

Stick-Out-Belly's tombstone in Ft. Scott, KS Stick-Out-Belly -- A member of a native contingent of the U.S. Cavalry based at Ft. Scott, in what later would come to be known as "Kansas." He's buried in the National Cemetery at Ft. Scott, along with his colleagues, Deer-In-Water and Set-Them-Up (who we can assume tended bar at the officers' club).
Fish in early stages of Preservation.
Preserved Fish -- This guy (I assume, and indeed hope, it's a guy's name) must've been somebody important in olde New York society, because he's mentioned on the bronze plaque telling which famous personages are buried in the little pocket cemetery on E. 3rd St. (right down from the Hell's Angels block). And if you don't believe me, go and look for yourself. [NOTE: I have photographic evidence of Preserved Fish's burial spot, and someday I'll find it and put it here.]
Baron Brudenell of Stonton, 7th Earl of Cardigan, James Thomas Brudenell Mr. Spenser Horsey de Horsey -- a figure in mid-19th century Britain; his daughter became involved with Baron Brudenell of Stonton, 7th Earl of Cardigan, James Thomas Brudenell, of Balaclava notoriety... and in fact married the old goat (who is pictured at left).
Mr. Frank Joklik Frank Joklik -- President of the Organizing Committee for the 2001 Winter Olympics in Salt Lake City.
The Right Honourable Canaan Banana Canaan Banana -- Former president of Zimbabwe, convicted of sodomy and sentenced to ten years in prison. During his reign, jokes about bananas were outlawed.
Otis Campbell, Shpecial Envoy Jaques-Roger Booh Booh -- U.N. Special Envoy to Rwanda at the time of the genocide. [NOTE: Okay, that's not him. That's Otis, the town drunk. But someday I'll track Jaques-Roger's photo down]

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