The following verses were found at a site that bills itself as follows:

"Welcome to Inuya Agiando. Inuya Agiando presents 'training room for woman dog.'"

All of it is exactly as it appeared in the original, except for one space after a period that I presumptuously added. The illustration is one of four that accompany the haikus. Since it was labeled omututannaka1.jpg, I would guess that the artist, and probably the poet as well, is none other than Omutu Tannaka.



I am covered hips like a baby and my heart will become obedient.


I am showing naked ass for being given an enema for a long time in the room which the setting sun inserts.


I excreted a hot thing in a diaper. The cloud of the evening flows calmly.


I feel that autumn was deepened while having you swap a diaper got wet I open a crotch widely.

If this moves you, you might want to take a look at, whence it comes. You'll also find the results of the "FAICE ON WOMAN RUMP COMPETITION" and the "CALLIGRAPHY WITH A WRITING BRUSH IN ANUS COMPETITION," among other things.

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