English-Teacher Anecdotes

I wonder what her mom was thinking when she bought this outfit. One day a ten-year-old girl I was teaching at her home was dressed in a cutesy pair of PJs (as usual) with a typical kitten motif and with colorfully embroidered letters which read "PREY."
We ordered a big sign for our school. When it first arrived we saw emblazoned across the top:


Well, that sounded like it might be a good idea if we could figure out how to make it work... sort of a distance-learning thing. But we decided to have them fix it anyway. It came back a few days later "B.A. DEGREE ROGRAM." They got it right on the third try.

I was taken out to dinner by two of my students, a Korean gal named Mee, and her friend, a Vietnamese named Mai. So I could say I went to dinner with Mee, myself, and Mai.
One of my littlest students, Saki Yokoyama (about six at the time), when I pointed at an exclamation mark and asked her if she knew what it was, averred "It's a shouting mark!"

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